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Global Healthcare & Education Initiative

Dedicated dreamers to help the underprivilaged

A New York based NGO formed from professionals and volunteers aimed to run healthcare education projects worldwide. At GHEI we believe that our efforts can make a huge difference. Join us in order to make an impact and bring about transformation in our world and those whom we assist. Our goal is to be a catalyst for more dreams to be realized and more lives to be improved. We help people work together towards a more empowered and satisfying life.

Get to Know Us

Healthcare & Education Projects

The foundation runs a number of healthcare & education projects in East Africa, West Africa and Central Asian region.


East Africa

Kenya - Tanzania - Uganda

In the East Africa region we partner with local NGOs and medical centers assisting them with the services they offer to the community. Social non profits run program a pediatric surgical assistance in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. In Kenya additional programs include pediatric oncology as well as Ostomy care.


Central Asia


Working in the country of Tajikistan with partners in the city of Dushanbe and Khorog on the country's first complete medical imaging solution for radiology. 
Also, providing clinical and technical support to the cardiology hospital in Khorog. Supported projects include tele-radiology and tele-cardiology support for secondary interpretation of studies.


West Africa / Middle East

Egypt - Ghana

Both in the countries of Egypt and Ghana providing medical imaging support for the national referral hospitals of Kasr Al Aini, Cairo and Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra. Projects have evolved from the donations of computer hardware to provide the needed infrastructure to medical imaging solution for the department of radiology and spreading to the clinical areas thereafter.

About Us

We are a voluntary community-based charity and a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with a global agenda which is working with the aim to provide children and young people of poorer background and orphans with early learning, education, health care, socio-economic empowerment and ongoing support to shape responsible and productive citizens with neither political nor religious affiliations or ambitions.
We aim to provide underprivileged patients the appropriate healthcare needed through basic medical services donations that could be coordinated with the local partner district health facilities at the locations where the foundation operates its projects globally.

Our Projects

Our projects worldwide by genre are divided into healthcare and educational domains. 
For the educational projects we run with local partners a student assistance program to help disadvantaged children to gain education.
For the healthcare projects they are in the domains of assistance with supplies to health centers or directly to patients to contribute towards surgery camps in collaboration with US based medical centers and NGOs.

To review in more detail please click the corresponding links below.

Hope for the children

Pediatric Surgery Assistance

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Before Surgery

Investing in the Future

Student Assistance Program

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Class Portrait

Supporting local healthcare facilities

Medical Supplies Donation

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Fresh Blood Bag

Drink Clean Water

Clean Water Access

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Uganda Water filter program1_edited.jpg
Charity Volunteers


We strive to do it all. Our social services organization provides a number of educational and healthcare assistance programs to which help is much needed. We are looking for the following individuals who are looking to make a difference to volunteer with our organization. Opportunities available in the US to help remotely or through onsite international travel. 

Sample tasks and duties would be for example running a fundraising campaign for a specific cause, helping with solicitation of medical supplies or grant writing of proposals. Written skills are highly valued for US based volunteer opportunities.​

  • Medical doctors and nurses

  • Social workers with different disciplines and specialties.

  • HIV counselors always welcome.

  • Healthcare facilities workers of any background and experience

  • Non-medical volunteers, university students for internship always welcome for credits. 

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