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Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

Accra, Ghana

The national referral hospital at the capital Accra KBTH is the largest in the country.

The department of radiology serves the clinical departments providing imaging services of conventional x-ray, computed tomography, MRI, digital fluoroscopy as well as ultrasound. With the volume of studies produced there needed to be an imaging solution that would store all of the studies performed. In collaboration with other local NGOs a PACS imaging solution was introduced to the department of radiology.


Medical Imaging Support

Help Us Soar

PACS hardware support from donated hardware has been one of the projects established at the department of radiology. Medical grade displays have been donated from leading manufacturer.  

Clinical Services Support

Provide support to the clinical departments by allocating donations of medical supplies in the US and shipping them to the hospital onsite for use during clinical practice.

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