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Pediatric Surgery Assistance

Through our mobilization camps and referrals we receive many referrals for children born with congenital anomalies or ones that have suffered from a trauma. With your help we collect donations for surgeries to be performed at our partner local. Complicated surgeries that cannot be performed locally get nominated for international surgery camps.

Sample Surgical Candidates

Our children needing help

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Mariam Namubiru

Mariam, a student in Mityana town, Uganda was hit by an astray bullet that remains in her brain awaiting extraction. We are seeking $500 USD to assist with her surgery and imaging to remove bullet and close previous wound location. All donations accepted via PayPal at Post operative video and progress report will be sent to donor.


Bruce Ndawula

Bruce, a student in Mityana town Uganda is suffering from lymphadenopathy and is in need for surgery to help him regain normal lifestyle and he would be able to walk back to school again. The cost of the surgery is $300USD including supplies needed.


Eva Nakade

Eva our patient from Kassanda, Uganda suffering from anorectal malformation (Cloaca) Eva is waiting for the upcoming surgical camp for her reconstruction surgery.
Eva is a candidate to join a surgical medical camp at Bugando Medical Center, Mwanza, Tanzania for corrective surgery in 2017. An estimate of $400 are needed to pay for surgical expenses.
All donations collected for her surgery at PayPal

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